An Apex Predators 10 Most Important Tips To Winning In Ranked Arenas

Go to and use code "Sweat" for 25% off your order! Season 10 Settings Video: In this video I go over 10 tips on how to win more ranked arenas games and progress from bronze all the way up until predator. I have just recently hit apex predator in ranked arenas in apex legends. If you want to see more ranked tips and tricks videos there are plenty more on the channel! 1:04 : Meta Weapons
2:27 : Sky Nades
3:50 : First Knock
5:09 : Play With A Squad
6:30 : Overpeeking
7:43 : Strategies
8:22 : Go For Heals
9:26 : Map Layouts
10:09 : Single Out Enemies
11:29 : Communication Follow my socials: Twitch:
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