Seer’s Tactical Nerf + New Grenade Cryo Apex Legends

Apex Legends has let us know how they plan to Nerf Seer's Tatical this upcoming patch along with a leak about a new cryo ice grenade. Seer will get a nerf according to apex legends dev that will bring him more in line with the rest of the legends and the first big part is removing his flash on his scan and also looking at changing the effects on his tatical so teammates can tell a teammate seer from an enemy. Along with that Shrugtal found a Cryo grenade which should be the opposite of the thermite with a freezing effect. This was backed up by IlootGames who confirmed it was being playtested and it has an effect where it will lock the oppoent in place however it could always be changed. Shrugtal found the code and some additonal information so be sure to check out his video here! Shrugtal Video: My Socials: Twitch:
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