New Version Of Apex Legends Releasing + SaveTitanFall Drama

A new verison of Apex Legends is planning to be released soon with brand new maps, solo mode, different legend abilitys, customization of lobby, and the ability to do whatever you want in the game, and the best part is that it is free. We today we explore Apex Legends After Dark and the building of it and how it came to be with the group coders who worked tirelessly to bring a new style of Apex Legends to the community. As all good things come there must also always be negative and information has been released about some members of the coders being involved in the Apex Legends hack on the 4th of July and the SAVE Titan Fall campaign. This has bled into popular dataminers Shrugtal and Kralrindo being accused of nefarious plots and today we get to the bottom of that and debunk the claims. My Socials: Twitch:
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