New Event Game Mode Details From Leaked Voicelines Apex Legends

Apex Legends is gearing up for its new limited time game mode which will be a version of shadowfall which featured a dropship and surviving a shadow zombie horde and this is confirmed by voice lines from Seer! Seer confirms we will be looking for a dropship in the mode, and that they will also introduce elements from the other Halloween mode shadow royal as he also mentions prowlers which was a feature in that mode as well and mentions the goal of objectives which is a new feature. We also have some new Halloween skins to look at such as the revenant werewolf and bloodhound holospray which confirms this event will have new legendary skins and some returning recolors of old Legendary's. This event will be coming in October for season 10 and will be themed as this year's Halloween event. Past seasons have taken place on King’s Canyon but it's always possible with 2 other maps we see the event move to a new area after dark! Check out Hypermyst for all the Seer Voice lines for the event! Credit to Shrugtal for datamined skins: My Socials: Twitch: Valhalla Discord: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok:

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