they wanna remove it from apex…

they wanna remove this from apex… (feels bad for console) My Killer Jerky Flavor! Use Code JMeyels for 15% off! JMeyels Here, Apex Pros are once again up in arms over Aim Assist and Tap strafing, with both sides pointing fingers, what do you think? Should one be nerfed or removed? Floating Koala had to delete many youtube videos after being copyrighted by a ZOO! Respawn says you can now be banned for using a friends account, and Seer nerf release date! Business Inquires – My Socials:
► Twitch:
►2nd Channel 0:00 Intro
0:26 JMeyels Flavor Jerky
1:21 Pros Discuss REMOVING Tap Strafe & Aim Assist
4:09 Respawn BANS for using Friends Account
4:46 Youtuber Copyrighted by a ZOO
5:21 Golden Nuggets
7:27 Outro #JMeyels #ApexLegends

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