NEW Instant Slide-Jump Technique (SKIP-JUMPING) | Apex Legends

We do be innovating even 3 years after the Game released 🙂
Harp Discovered and brought up Swap-Sliding which developed into Skip-Jumping through my Investigation.
Check harp out on Twitch 🙂
Or on Twitter Movement Pros: Likely a Skip-Jump in Game Twitter video by Julefox_ Big Butt Artwork 00:00 Intro + Simple Explanation
01:00 Generic Fast Slide & Faide Slide
02:25 Skip-Jump
07:18 Weapon Swapping Knowledge
09:20 Skip-Jump Conclusion Music:
Matt Large – Till Infinity
Jobii – Llama Drama
Gregory David – Twist One
Bomull – Bean Bag
Jobii – Pho Kit
Outro Music:
Gloria Tells – Afraid ( Instrumental)
Music: Jump-pad Octane Octane Nerf
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