Mande Explains How Pro Players Tried to Cheat in ALGS

In today’s video, we have Mande explaining how some pro players tried to cheat when they played in Poland. 🔹 Twitter ➡️
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Track: Yusuf Alev – Yoros
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00:26 What you came for
01:32 Timmy clutch
02:11 Taisheen clutch
02:53 Taxi clutch
03:28 Good play but ends badly
04:14 Idk who to believe
04:25 Taxi no scope kraber
04:39 Kraber shot
04:47 Rprx trolled by Crypto drone
05:35 Aim assist power
05:51 Retzi's mom?
06:29 Taxi squad wipe
07:29 Apryze Win
08:29 Taxi squad wipe
09:12 Immadness win
09:44 No reg?
10:07 Dezignful clutch
10:34 Gen squad wipe
11:20 Sweet Opinion on TSM IGL Click me!

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