Playing Apex Legends with the Real Newcastle Voice Actor

Today, I'm joined by @kandyrew and the voice actor @Gabe Kunda for Apex Legends Season 13's newest legend, Newcastle. We got to play a couple of matches together and learn more about Gabe's voice acting career and what it's been like to take on the role of Newcastle. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video. Subscribe to Gabe's (Newcastle) YouTube channel! If you want to support the channel, consider a staynation membership by clicking the "Join" button above! Follow me My Gear Click me!

Bobby Kotick: The Most Hated Billionaire in Gaming

From starting a business out of his college dorm room to creating a multi-billion dollar business behind some of the most impactful video games of all time, here's the rise and fall of Bobby Kotick Enjoyed this video? please like and subscribe
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I Always Make the Same Mistake with New Legends… – Apex Legends Season 13

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Music: ► Sizzling Paradise – The Munchables OST
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► Boss Fight Theme – Kirby Super Star [FAQ] ► WHAT DO I USE TO EDIT?
A: I mainly use Sony Vegas and Photoshop, but I also sometimes use After Effects and Premiere Pro ►WHEN DO YOU UPLOAD?
A: Usually pretty quickly when a new season comes out, somewhat slower throughout the rest of the season (3weeks – 1month) ►CHANNEL INSPIRATION?
A: I watch a lot of people who make amazing videos, to name a few would be
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Hal Trashed Talked Without Knowing He Killed ACEU

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00:24 What you came for
01:23 Skittlecakes insane play
01:54 Mande going for the banner
02:55 Supertf the best in the business
03:36 Mande squad wipe
03:58 Verhulst saved the game
05:10 Zeroce insane play
05:31 Gdolphn squad wipe
06:16 Gen beaming
06:51 Mande squad wipe
07:32 Mande insane longbow play
08:05 Sweet reviews play
08:45 Favorite esports player
09:12 Zipeth squad wipe
09:24 Shiv going insane
09:41 Skittlecakes going insane
09:50 Mande shows spot
10:01 Hal squad wipe
10:19 Tanner win
11:00 Gnaske squad wipe
11:26 9impulse win
12:06 Loot delivery
12:20 Outro Click me!

New Platinum Lobbies are HARDER than S12 Diamond! (Apex Legends)

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‘Hunter Safari’ Season 14 Apex Legends + Leaked Bandolier & More News

'Hunter Safari' Season 14 Apex Legends + Leaked Bandolier & More News
This new apex legends video covers the upcoming hunter safari for season 14, apex legends season 14 hunter safari, apex legends leaked bandolier news, apex legends leaked news, apex legends new season 14, apex season 14 news, apex legends hunter safari, apex legends new season 14 safari
#ApexSeason14 #ApexLegends #ApexNews
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We enter the Multiverse!
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I bought my little bro his FIRST HEIRLOOM!!?

Little toddy finally owns and heirloom Toddys Channel – 2nd Channel –…
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*NEW* Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #1017

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RANKING THE WEAPONS IN Apex Legends Season 13 | Apex Legends TIER LIST!

Today we are ranking the Weapons in Apex Legends Season 13! Our Apex Legends Tier List for the weapons breaks down the best Apex Legends Season 13 weapons ranking and of course we do have some best weapons season 13 Apex Legends. Let me know what you think of the Apex Legends Season 13 weapons and if you agree with my ranking the weapons in Apex and how you would do a best weapons season 13 Apex Legends Tier List! 👉Partnered and Powered By Glytch Energy! Use Code TIMPROVISION For 25% off your order! ✅If you enjoyed the video, hit the like button. Thanks for the support!
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0:15 – The Unexpected Sleeper Weapons?
2:20 – The Good Guns!
8:17 – The Amazing & Top Weapons!
18:35 – SLAM THAT LIKE BUTTON ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #ApexLegends #ApexTierlist #apexlegendstierlist Click me!

Apex Legends New Crossover Content Leaks For Main Game

Apex Legends New Mobile Content Is Coming To Main Game as we know the new legend Fade has abilities based on a future legend named Phantom which was found within the game, along with the firing range upgrades and updates found in the mobile version are all present into the upcoming leaked versions of Apex and the TDM Game mode is also found present with brand new Limited Time Modes for Apex which include an uplink game mode, TDM, and others. Credit To Dataminers: Shrugtal: Twitter:
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DrDisrespect Finds The BEST META Loadout for Caldera & Gets A BIG Win! (OVERPOWERED!)

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00:00 FYI 00:08 Doc likes Warzone again + Game 1 (MP 40 is too good)
1:42 Action
2:41 Loadout, MP40 meta class! + action
3:21 Eliminated (Bren vs Mp40?)
4:29 Game 2 (Doc wins using the best meta!)
5:05 OP MG 42! + action
7:12 It's OP! The best in the game!
9:06 OP! Even enemies agree
12:08 Tough Decision! + Doc's hacking?! lol + Doc talks to Nickmercs
13:38 Action
13:53 More OP if..
16:04 Action
16:53 OP!
18:08 Loadout action
20:08 Nice plays!
21:43 Win! + on OP MP40! ►The2Time channel is also dedicated to bringing you the smartest, funniest, and coolest plays in Call of Duty Warzone. Send your Warzone moments here (YouTube links):
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dr disrespect spectates solos in warzone
dr disrespect finds the best loadout for caldera warzone
dr disrespect top warzone meta in warzone 2022
top caldera loadout
DrDisrespect Shows Why devs Should SCRAP CALDERA & Bring Back Verdansk
dr disrespect is over warzone caldera
dr disrespect explains why they should bring verdansk map back to warzone
dr disrespect explains the main problem with warzone now
DrDisrespect RAGES & Tells Devs how To FIX warzone Caldera!
dr disrespect tells warzone devs to remove caldera and make a new map!
DrDisrespect is OVER Caldera after Warzone Tournament!
dr disrespect explains why caldera won't fix warzone
dr disrespect on warzone caldera
DrDisrespect Shows Why Caldera WON'T SAVE Warzone! (Overhyped!)
dr disrespect on warzone caldera & why it is overhyped
DrDisrespect plays Warzone's NEW Map Caldera
dr disrespect on warzone caldera
dr disrespect on warzone's new map caldera
dr disrespect spectates warzone hacker
dr disrespect & nickmercs Warzone
dr disrespect sends a message to activision
dr disrespect warzone tournament
dr disrespect spectates players in warzone!
dr disrespect tells raven how to fix warzone
dr disrespect warzone devs
dr disrespect sends a message to warzone developers
dr disrespect on warzone hackers activision
dr disrespect rages in cod warzone new season
dr disrespect takes a break
dr disrespect retires from warzone
dr disrespect retiring
dr disrespect sends a message to raven
dr disrespect at raven on warzone
dr disrespect rage quits warzone and sends a message to devs
dr disrespect taking a break
dr disrespect takes a break from warzone
dr disrespect warzone dr disrespect rage quits warzone
dr disrespect is done with warzone
dr disrespect warzone tournament
dr disrespect rages in warzone
dr disrespect warzone rages 2021
dr disrespect warzone camper
dr disrespect warzone aim assist
dr disrespect warzone tournament
dr disrespect quits warzone
dr disrespect spectates warzone
warzone verdansk
verdansk new map warzone
dr disrespect warzone new map
dr disrespect on raven warzone
dr disrespect on warzone's new map
dr disrespect takes a break from warzone
warzone patch
warzone update
dr disrespect warzone season update patch
dr disrespect on activision and raven warzone
dr disrespect warzone audio
dr disrespect warzone hacker
dr disrespect warzone solos
dr disrespect calls warzone developer
dr disrespect warzone rage
dr disrespect warzone controller
dr disrespect controller
warzone record
record win warzone
warzone world record win
warzone zlaner
dr disrespect warzone solos
dr disrespect warzone audio
dr disrespect
warzone meta
warzone aim assist
cod mw
cod modern warfare warzone
dr disrespect warzone
call of duty
champions club
dr disrespect funny moments
the two time
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The RAREST Badges In Apex Legends

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This Is Why Controller Players Don’t Turn Off Aim Assist…

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Twitter: This is what happens when a controller player turns off aim assist in apex legends. Aim assist is widely known to be unfair according all mouse and keyboard players because it assists your aim due to the fact that controller players only can play with a few joysticks rather than an entire keyboard and mouse. Follow my socials: Twitch:
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