The ONLY Legend Who Hurts Their Team in Apex… – Apex Legends Season 10

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SEER is OP pls like video thank
unpopular opinion but the rampage lmg might be a little overpowered 🙂 Credits;
Music: ► Meta Busta's Revenge (Meta knights revenge X Look at me now)
► Circus – Theme Song
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Clips (intro):
A: I mainly use Sony Vegas and Photoshop, but I also sometimes use After Effects and Premiere Pro ►WHEN DO YOU UPLOAD?
A: Usually pretty quickly when a new season comes out, somewhat slower throughout the rest of the season (3weeks – 1month) ►CHANNEL INSPIRATION?
A: I watch a lot of people who make amazing videos, to name a few would be
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Albralelie On Octane and Revenant Still Being META or Not – Apex Legends Highlights

Albralelie On Octane and Revenant Still Being META or Not – Apex Legends Highlights ? Submit your clips ➡️
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Free Download: Time Stamps: 00:00 What you came for
00:52 Timmy squad wipe
01:11 When you get Mozambique off drop
01:33 Taisheen big clutch
02:22 Albralelie clutch
03:04 Daltoosh win
03:43 43 Hours in but the brain still functions better than Chat
04:05 Crylix 1v2
04:44 Kswinniie squad wipe
04:59 Pandxrz squad wipe
05:27 Taisheen squad wipe
05:50 Small PP gang rise up
06:34 Caustic Ult Bug 2.0
06:50 Daltoosh squad wipe
07:18 Kswinniie full push
07:42 Timmy squad wipe
08:02 Noko 40+ hours in
08:43 Nicewigg pep talk
10:07 Guhrl squad wipe
10:46 Mande clutch
11:03 Shiv having the time of his life
11:53 Sirdel squad wipe
12:19 Kswinniie squad wipe
12:40 Hardecki quick 2 kills
12:48 Noko on Timmy Challenge

Apex Legends News Season 11 Release Date + New Map & Progression / Stats Lost

Apex Legends News Season 11 Release Date + New Map & Progression / Stats Lost
This new apex legends video covers the season 11 release date for apex legends and how there will be a new map coming, apex legends progression lost, apex legends season 11 new map, apex legends season 11 release date, apex season 11, apex legends new season 11, new season 11 release date apex, apex new map season 11, apex legends progression lost, apex legends stats lost season 11
#ApexLegends #ApexSeason11 #ApexNews
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*NEW* FORTNITE IMPOSTORS MODE! ft. Ali-A, Miniminter & more!

We try out the new Fortnite Mode. Enjoy!
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I’m SORRY everyone it had to be done…

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*NEW* Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #745

This is episode #745 of our Apex Legends WTF & funny moments series. ➡️ Got a clip? Submit it here to be featured:
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New Shadowfall Mode, Next Gen Update, Savetitanfall Drama, No New Apex Legend Next Season

Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack ? Available only for the next 30 days! Today we talk about the upcoming shadowfall mode coming to apex legends for Halloween, the savetitanfall drama and the custom lobbies programmers are working on, how the community wants no new legend or weapon changes in season 11 to allow better balance, next gen update and how it will impact the fight with pc vs console players and if 120 fps will make a huge difference, and we also address how pros are complaining that Seer takes all the skill out of the game with his kit and whether pros have a good point or if its not grounded in reality. This week I'm joined by my co-hosts KijannaPlays and KevtheKing along with our special guest Ownage! Make sure to check their links below so you can find their content and what's going with their channel! Big thanks to our special guest this week Ownage and amazing player and member of the community! Check out his content here: Big thanks to for supplying the code to allow us to test them and who was the admin who worked with us! Big thanks As Always To My Co-hosts KijannaPlay and Kevtheking! Kijannaplays: KevtheKing: Thank you to Garretleaks for Narrating! My Socials: Twitch: Valhalla Discord: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: ——–Contents—— 0:00 – Intro 2:59 – Apex Legends No New legend or Weapons for next season for health of game? Good or Bad Idea? 8:48 – Apex Legends Halloween Mode, What's coming? 15:04 – Apex Legends Next Gen release this year? Will Pc vs Console be fair? 21:52 – Custom private games programmed with savetitanfall hackers, what's up with that? 29:51 – Pro's think Seer has made the game to easy for everyone. Thoughts?

DrDisrespect & Zlaner QUIT Warzone After VANGUARD Event & Explain Why! (BREAKS CHARACTER!)

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►Thanks for watching! .. subscribe here ► ►I do have DrDisrespect's written permission to upload and monetize my very well edited videos of DrDisrespect ►Timestamps:
00:00 FYI
00:08 on COD Vanguard Event
00:55 Thumbnail roast lol (Courage, Tim, Nickmercs) LOL!
2:02 Event ideas (COD vs Apex)
2:29 Sledgehammer Games committed to Doc!
2:49 Zlaner joins
3:04 Event game! (The Battle of Verdansk)
3:26 Exploring + sun roast
4:40 Looking for a train + Steven Seagal
5:49 Everyone's confused lol
6:15 Train + Doc breaks character lol!
6:55 Eliminated by train
7:08 Train action
8:33 Doc vs train athletically
9:35 Doc roasts train idea lol
10:28 lol
11:15 Not over yet
12:09 LOL
13:10 No idea! lol
13:38 Almost
14:39 Final push
14:52 Super sprint
15:01 LOL
15:41 Train destroyed! + Doc couldn't hold it
16:29 Planes
16:51 Stunned, even in events
17:09 lol
17:16 Made it! + Call of Duty Vanguard trailer!
20:03 lol! (on Beta) + 20:17 Doc's thoughts + lol!
20:29 Doc & Zlaner on event lol + Quitting Warzone!
21:48 Doc on how the event SHOULD'VE been
22:27 On Timthetatman and CourageJD's + Event expectations
22:59 Warzone vs Apex mobility + on Warzone's new map & anti-cheat!
23:41 Zlaner likes the new anti-cheat
24:11 Doc doesn't care
24:18 The reveal event was WEAK!
24:44 How the event should've been + Zlaner on anti-cheat
25:36 On Courage's thumbnail lol + on new map
26:04 LOL
26:33 On timthetatman lol ►The2Time channel is also dedicated to bringing you the smartest, funniest, and coolest plays in Call of Duty Warzone. Send your Warzone moments here (YouTube links):
► By submitting your Warzone clip, you allow me to use it on this channel. ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ dr disrespect and zlaner quit warzone after call of uty cod vanguard train event
dr disrespect and zlaner try warzone season 5
dr disrespect on call of duty vanguard
dr disrespect and zlaner hackers in season 5 of warzone!
dr disrespect and zlaner hackusations
dr disrespect and zlaner play warzone season 5
dr disrespect and zlaner tournament cracked creator tournament
dr disrespect sends a message to activision on warzone hackers
dr disrespect and zlaner warzone season 5
dr disrespect and zlaner spectate warzone hacker
dr disrespect spectates warzone hacker
dr disrespect rage quits warzone and tells developers how he can fix warzone himself
dr disrespect tells raven how to fix warzone
dr disrespect warzone devs
dr disrespect sends a message to warzone developers on stuns
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dr disrespect rages in cod warzone season 5
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dr disrespect retiring
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dr disrespect calls warzone developer & head designer
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the two time
dr disrespect #the2time #drdisrespect #warzone

Well, That Was a Lucky Shot ? | #Shorts Apex Legends

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I Spectated A Masters Player Who Hit An Insane Trickshot! (Apex Legends)

Decided to spectate a bunch of random apex legends players in this video and we ended up watching a masters player who ended up hitting an insane trickshot with the kraber to win the game. If you enjoy these spectating random players in apex legends video definitely make sure to let me know so I can make more of these spectating and commentating videos. Go to and use code "Sweat" for 25% off your order! Follow my socials: Twitch:
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They made THIS LEGEND META In Apex Legends Season 10!

They made THIS LEGEND META In Apex Legends Season 10! This video is sponsored by EA Simply Ashton here! Dropping a 4 thousand damage – 4k damage game on Loba! Today we discuss if Loba is in the legend meta for apex legends season 10 and if she is a viable legend for ranked! We also discuss potential Loba buffs for the future! What do you think Loba needs? Is she perfect how she is? Let me know in the comment section below! Also, what do we think of the new loba tiger skin? could it become one of the rarest skins in the game? Twitter:​​
Production Music by
Apex Synthwave music by the incredible Cetacea:​​
Discord: #SponsoredByEA​ #Apexseason10


My aim is true.
All highlights are from my stream 😀
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RowdyRogan’s *NEW* $30,000 Gaming Setup! ? (UNBOXING)

RowdyRogan got his NEW Setup in the Mail today, Watch us Unbox his NEW ULTIMATE Gaming PC! We show you guys are gaming area which includes where Rogan plays warzone. Check out CLX, Shoutout for the Setup! *GIVE AWAY COMING SOON* HUGE Shout out to all the support we get from the Fans!! Rogan loves you guys!!! Join our Community Public Discord where Rogan Chills out! ▼We are streaming a lot more often now, be sure to follow our Twitch channel so you get notified when we go live. ? ? ▼ Huge Shout out to Scuf Gaming for hooking RowdyRogan up with the BEST CONTROLLERS in the WORLD! ▼ More Shout Outs to Technisport for providing us with some Awesome Chairs. *USE CODE "ROWDY14" FOR 10% OFF ▼ Also to Meta Threads for providing us with a ton of gear and Astro Gaming Equipment.
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Apex Legends: Mobile (IOS/Android) Global Release Date News

Apex Legends Mobile Global Release Date Timeline (IOS/Android) In this video we take a look at the timeline for the global release date for Apex Legends Mobile! SOCIAL MEDIA
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Apex Legends Mobile download #ApexLegendsMobile​​​ #ApexLegends​​​ #Mobile