My Official New Main in Apex Legends…

Horizon is simply too good in Apex Legends. I try so hard to use off meta-legends and find the best in every character but her abilities are just better! I got a great game to share that I honestly don't think would have been winnable without Horzion and I hope y'all enjoy it. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video. If you want to support the channel, consider a staynation membership by clicking the "Join" button above! Follow me My Gear Click me!

What REALLY Happened To the Original SoaR Apex?

At one point, SoaR Apex was one of the most promising organizations in the Apex Legends competitive/content creation scene. The organization was home to some of the most recognizable names in the Apex Legends community such as Daltoosh, BackOffMyJankz, SoaR Jonny, and SoaR Kobi, and at one point, there was no other Esports organization that could be comparable to SoaR Gaming in Apex Legends. But today SoaR Gaming is just another B tier organization that barely anyone speaks about, what happened? This video was inspired by Kobi's "why we all left SoaR Gaming…" you can watch it here: Music I use in this video (30 Day Free Trial): #ApexLegnds #apex Click me!

I Played With an Apex Predator and They Forced Me to Hot Drop Every Game…

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Was Apex Legends really better before?

Apex had a lot of changes, I look at the cool stuff. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing but it really makes you remember something being better then it used to be. New Apex is pretty good, but the old apex was definitely more fun. 🕊️Twitter➜
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Half of Pro League is About to Get Banned

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New Match Making Update Coming December Apex Legends News #shorts

New Match Making Update Coming December Apex Legends News #shorts #apexlegends #apexnews This new apex legends video covers the new match making update which will be changing skill base match making and making apex legends competitive ranked feel better, apex legends new match making update coming, apex legends new confirmed update, apex legends new sbmm, apex legends sbmm news, apex legends news, apex legends match making update,
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Optic $100k tournament! Double elim 2v2 Kill Race!
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so apex legends is DYING!!? here is why..

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*NEW* Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #1209

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Octane Tips & Tricks YOU NEED To Know In Apex Legends! #shorts

Today we have some Octane tips and tricks you need to know in Apex Legends Season 15! Let me know if these Apex Legends tips and tricks are helpful and which legend we should cover next! 💖 Support the channel and become a member! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🐥Follow me on Twitter
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Apex Legends New Update Today & Store Rotation

Apex Legends New Update Today & Store Rotation as a number of fixes in season 15 are being addressed as there was a hotfix to correct the free heirloom glitch that went live yesterday along with the bugs along with the gifting system getting ready to be put in the game and players using an exploit and glitch to get a free heirloom and also unlock the wraith prestige skin. We also have new Legendary Skins entering the store today along with special store bundles and the recolors slated for release today. Thank you to RealPsykho for the gameplay, check him here for coaching and clips!:
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DrDisrespect’s NEW Game DEADROP by Midnight Society – First Quick Look! (Snapshot 1)

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dr disrespect reveals his new game deadrop by midnight society gaming studio
dr disrespect midnight society deadrop snapshot 1
dr disrespect's own game project moon deadrop by midnight society studio
dr disrespect's new game
midnight society live event
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This Player Dropped A 20+ Kill / 5000+ Damage Game On Catalyst Already

Check out outplayed using this link: Faz ended up dropping over 20 kills in this apex legends game with catalyst and secured over 5000 damage in the process as well! If you enjoy watching movement players then you should enjoy what Faz brings to offer. Faz's Socials:
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